Availability of Kiwifruit

Not only does California Kiwifruit look and taste like no other fruit, it's also available when most other fresh fruits aren't. Get familiar with the harvest timeline here, so you'll know when to expect this delightfully different fruit to arrive in your store!

There are over 40 known kiwifruit varieties in production around the world, but in California we grow the Hayward — the most popular variety, known for their large size and high sugar content.

In California, harvest begins in late September, with most of the fruit being harvested in October and early November. So you can be assured of having plenty of fresh, sweet California Kiwifruit available for the winter and spring months!

Our Season

California's kiwifruit season runs from October-May.

California Kiwifruit Season Timeline

California produces around 98% of the kiwifruit grown in the US. Kiwifruit has remained a relatively small agricultural industry in California made up of less than 300 growers who farm around 13 acres each.

Due to California kiwifruit's fall harvest, fresh kiwifruit is available during the winter months, an uncommon time for the "homegrown" California fresh fruits.