Drying Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit may be sun dried, dried in the oven or in a home dehydrator. the fruit may be eaten dried, or soaked in water an hour or two and used in cooking. Steaming the dried fruit a few minutes over boiling water makes it moister to add to cakes, cookies and baked goodies.

Use soft-ripe fruit. Cut in halves or thick slices. Dip in heavy sugar syrup in which 1 teaspoon ascorbic acid crystals per quart have been dissolved. Dry in hot sun until pliable and leathery. Or in oven with heat about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (do not heat above 150 degrees Fahrenheit). Or in home drier according to manufacturer's directions.

For a confection, kiwifruit may be candied or glazed.

Kiwifruit makes an excellent fruit leather. Mix strained pulp with sugar to taste and dry in thin sheets on plastic sheets in sun or home dehydrator. A great treat for the children.